Doing an internship abroad is a good opportunity to gain work experience. You can improve your language skills and discover another culture. This is why Toulouse Catholic University encourages its students to dare to embark on an international adventure.

Several possibilities are available to you : you can do your internship with an Erasmus + program scholarship. You can apply for one of the offers offered by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

ERASMUS+ Internships

If you find an internship in Europe, you must establish an internship agreement with the BAIP (Office for Professional Insertion Assistance), then go to the International Relations Office to check if you meet the criteria. an Erasmus + grant (subsidized internship of at least 2 months).

Internships of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The French Ministery of Europe and Foreign affairs offers some internships in french embassy . More information : .

    Faire un stage à l'étranger

    Become a language Assistant

    Do you want to discover a another country and to have a experience of teaching of French language ?

    France education International offers the opportunity to do this. The program offers to students aged 20 to 30,who are French or European nationals to teach French language in a School abroad.
    For a period of 7 to 11 months, you will assist a teacher for French as foreign language. You will do lessons, conversations, games,etc.. with the teacher. You will prepare maybe students to exams ( delf-dalf)

    Who can become a French assistant ?

    This program is particularly aimed at those who are planning a career in teaching. To benefit from it, you must have, depending on the destination chosen, a first, second or third year of the License. In addition, you must have at least level B2 in the language of the host country (except China and the Netherlands).

    List of countries participating in the France Education International program:
    Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal , United Kingdom, Russia, and German-speaking Switzerland.

    More information :


    See the calendar on the website of :
    France Education International

    Don’t hesitate to contact the :
    International Relations office ( at ICT) .