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Institut Catholique de Toulouse - ICT
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Fiche signalétique

  • Crédits ECTS : 2
  • Niveau d'étude : BAC +1
  • Volume horaire : 12h00 + 20h00 Laboratoire d’anglais Tell Me More
  • Langue d'enseignement : Anglaise
  • Période d'enseignement : Premier semestre

Fundamental of practical and professional english




Politics and History :Influential figures, Portrayal of politics and history in films /Lifestyle : Relationships, Health, Fashion / Culture : Music and its influences, Film, Cultural differences between anglophone countries / Media : Advertising, Press



Role plays ! encouraging students to work together in order to amalgamate ideas and different ways of thinking. Building confidence in self-expression with the use of aforeign language. Document analysis- using texts and images to encourage the student to reflect upon the content and express opinions and ideas in a confident manner. Debates- introducing a controversial subject to evoke constructive argument and debate between students and the teacher.



Ability to understand main ideas and some facts from interactive exchanges and aural texts. Ability to handle successfully a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations. Demonstrate in their oral presentations, compositions, and other class assignments a reasonable knowledge of the ways of thinking, behavioural practices, and the cultural products of the country and communities where the English language is spoken.


Develop a fluency in conversation without the need for translation. Use a wide range of topics to expand knowledge of cultural and linguistic references. Encourage confidence in speaking, through individual and group work.


Institut Catholique de Toulouse

31 rue de la Fonderie
B.P. 7012
31068 Toulouse Cedex 7

Tél : 05 61 36 81 00

Contact :L'ICT (dircabrectorat @

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