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Institut Catholique de Toulouse - ICT
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  • Crédits ECTS : 9 crédits pour l'ensemble de l'UE13B
  • Niveau d'étude : BAC +2
  • Volume horaire : 14h00
  • Langue d'enseignement : Anglaise
  • Période d'enseignement : Second semestre

LCE13B4 To communicate in the global world



Introduction to the subject: definition of key term 'global communication'. Discussion of what is involved in global communication; and therein the place given to intercultural communication, on an international scale. Discussion of the dynamic interaction between communication and globalisation.Effects of 'global communication' on issues surrounding international and national institutions, identity, culture, citizenship, human rights, etc.Highlighting of differences in reception/perception of acts of global communication, according to context, culture, timing, and so on. Discussion of student group work, and synthesis.


Lectures, formal and informal. Student-led seminars and debates. Project work. Practical activities (for example, role-play situations). Conferences and event attendance (as and if timetable allows)


Develop student's capacity to follow, discuss and present, in both oral and written forms in English, the subject of communication in the global world. Develop student's ability to assimilate, summarise and to criticise, as necessary, information received. Develop student's ability to research an academic subject. Develop student's ability to work individually, and in a group.


The course is designed to provide students with : an understanding of what communication in a global world involves; the ability to recognise, to analyse, and to perform (as, when, and if, necessary), acts of communication in such a global, multicultural environment.


Institut Catholique de Toulouse

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B.P. 7012
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