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Institut Catholique de Toulouse - ICT
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Fiche signalétique

  • Crédits ECTS : 1.5
  • Niveau d'étude : BAC +1
  • Volume horaire : 10 heures
  • Langue d'enseignement : Anglaise
  • Période d'enseignement : Premier semestre

History of Communication



  1. Introduction to the subject: definition of key-word: 'communication'.
  2. Brief presentation of the main theories of communication.
  3. Outline of the history and development of different methods and means of communication.
  4. Discussion of student group work, and synthesis.





Lectures, formal and informal

Student-led seminars and mini-projects.



- Develop student's capacity to follow, discuss and present, in both oral and written forms in English, the subject of communication and its history.

- Develop student's ability to assimilate, summarise and to criticise, as necessary, information received.

- Develop student's ability to research an academic subject.

- Develop student's ability to work individually, and in a group.


The course is designed to provide students with:

- an understanding of what communication involves, in all its various aspects (verbal, non-verbal; personal, public, mass, etc..);

- an overview of how and when different means of communication evolved and their impact;

-an awareness of communication as an act which results from our personal background and culture, and which is marked by the context in which it occurs (by way of preparation for LCE II and III courses in Intercultural Communication).


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