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Foreign students have access to French National Health and Pensions Organization (la Sécurité Sociale) under the same conditions as the French students, namely:

  • you have to be registered in a higher education institution
  • you need to be under 28 years old
  • you must submit a paper or a deed certifying the legality of your stay

Subscription to Sécurité Sociale must be done at the same time as registration for the University, for a 200-euro contribution (2010 fee). Students receiving a scholarship from the French government are exempted (Scholarships from the Ministry of Education).

Other students  exempted of the affiliation to the student regime of the Sécurité Sociale, if they are already assured for all the academic year in their country of origin,as follows:

  • Students from the EEE (Espace Economique Européen, European Economic Area) and Switzerland holding of the Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie (European Card of Health Insurance)
  • Students from Monaco and Québec holding of a conventional form
  • Students from countries having bilateral conventions concerning the Sécurité Sociale with France (consult the list on www.securite-sociale.fr)

CPAM (Local Health Insurance Office) -  3 Léopold boulevard Escande -31 093 Toulouse Cedex 09

To undergo treatment

In France, a medical appointment cost about 22 euros. You must pay and the doctor will give you a medical claim form that you send to the Sécurité Sociale to be reimbursed (70% will be covered).

In order to buy medicines at the pharmacy, you must show prescription given by a doctor.

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