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Catholic Institute of Toulouse - ICT
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The Catholic Institute of Toulouse

Classified as an association promoting the public interest, the Catholic Institute is the heir of the Medieval University founded in 1229. The ICT is an academic center made up of faculties, organizations and schools. It is a place of teaching and research, enriched by its diversity in social backgrounds, cultures and sensitivity to the people it receives.

Serving both country and church, the ICT proudly states the values that constitute its reputation: open-mindedness, respect, special attention to the vulnerable, commitment and willingness to make progress together.

Whether it is Arts or Humanities, Religious and Theological Sciences, Communication, Art or Corporate Culture, the teachings given and the research carried out are based on reflection and wisdom enlightened by the values of the Gospel.


Institut Universitaire de Langue et de Culture Française

31 rue de la Fonderie
BP 7012
31068 Toulouse cedex 7

Tél. : 05 61 36 81 30

Contact : IULCF (iulcf @ ict-toulouse.fr)